Why go Solar?

Cost Savings

The immediate benefit of solar installation is reduction of electricity bill to near zero. Solar power installations typically give returns of 18% to 25% (compounded annually) on investment. This saving is further multiplied since we provide 25yrs performance warranty on our installation.

Earn Money

The excess electricity generated does not go to waste. The MSEB or the local DISCOM will pay you for the excess energy generated at the end of the financial Year.

Accelerated Depreciation

Solar installations are eligible for accelerated depreciation of 40% each year. This further reduces the payback period of the installation.

Insurance against Inflation

Every year electricity tariffs have been rising by 5 to 7% on average. This trend is expected to continue. By installing the solar plant, you lock in the power at a much lower rate.

Save Earth

Since traditional power is predominantly generated from coal based plant, each 1KW of solar power plant corresponds to roughly 1.2MT reduction in CO2 emissions per year. The CO2 savings over the years are significant.

Green Credentials

Many companies and individuals are willing to pay a premium price to buy a product that has least carbon footprint.

Get Free Consultancy

We believe that people need assistance and hand holding in choosing the right solar solution. Our team of support staff is more than willing to help you in the process.